What moves you moves me

mymarbleapollo said: hello!! So I recently bought a Nash Metropolitan, (without much research, as a family friend wanted an air conditioner for it) and I saw you had one! I was just curious, would it be a safe car to drive on highways and such? I go to rehearsal for musicals about 4 times a week, and on a not particularly busy highway. Going about 70 (which is not in the cars capacity, from what I've read) it takes about 35 minutes. Thanks!!

that’s awesome that you have one. No. These cars are real cars in the sense that they are fun to drive and must be registered as motor vehicles. Not much further than that. you have already probably found out that they are not practical commuters unless it is in town. This car requires about $200 a month in average maintenance, and even if all consumable suspension and engine parts are brand new, it is likely that it will develop a problem soon. I love my Nash, but wouldn’t drive any more than about 10 miles on the freeway, and even that is terrifying. Enjoy your car though!!